cisperson asked:

jesus christ you people are absurd. do you think that just because you have a warped sense of self-identity that you deserve some special treatment? if you have a male sex organ you are a male. if you have female sex organs you are female. if you have both, scientists will use you to clone dinosaurs

And if you’re a complete asshole, you’re start a blog called “cis person” and send in a bitchy message without understanding the science and biology behind something as complicated as gender.

What would you call someone who had male genitalia and XX chromosomes?

What would you call someone who had female genitalia and XY chromosomes?

What would you call someone who had XXY chromosomes?

What would you call someone who had genitalia that didn’t line up with your black and white, “this is a boy and that is a girl and can’t be more because I can’t count past two” mentality?

Biology isn’t an exact science. It’s this wibbly-wobbly gray space. And gender is less clear then that. There are HUGE variants that take up a small but significant part of the population and your attitude is why we currently have a 40% suicide attempt rate. Why we have such high levels of homelessness, depression, and self-hate. Why sometimes we have this need to tell someone, anyone, some of the shit we have to go through on a daily basis just to get by.

Kindly educate yourself about other people who have just as much of a right to exist peacefully and happily as you do, but can’t because there are a lot of people who can’t understand that maybe there might be more to the human condition then elementary level biology.

And next time send this to my other blog. This isn’t a place for questions. This is a place for people who are pushed around by others to vent some of their frustration from living in a world that treats them like they are second class citizens and while, on my other blog, I may have answered this kindly and discretely, here I’m going to write something like this and publish it because you are ignoring science that makes you uncomfortable as a way of shaming others for being who they are.

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