Anonymous asked:

a disproportionate amount of posts here have been by faab people. maybe you should hire a mod who experiences transmisogyny so everyone's voices can be heard.

up until less than a month ago, the only mod on here was a transwoman.  I have no control over the gender identity of the people who submit posts. 

Anonymous asked:

I saw a question asked about why trans people have come up with the term "cis" for non-trans people, and felt the need to vent. My issue: Labels are created to establish things that don't fit into the "norm." Transgendered people are a minority: hence they get a title. It establishes a difference from the norm. But average people don't need a label-it's implied that most people are non-trans-you don't need to state it because it's obvious. It just creates an "us vs them" mentality. It's silly.

You think this way about gender labels because you have not experienced being in a place where you were so confused and ashamed and unsure of your gender that finding a label, a group, other people like you was so relieving.  You have the privilege of not having experienced confusion about your gender.  Trans people do not “not fit into the norm” we are a minority, but we are just as normal as cis people.  To say that trans people are not normal or average is transphobic and damaging.  

Anonymous asked:

"I get that you're trying to stand up for yourself and others like you about the oppression you face but you're still wrong because I'm part of the oppressive group and you hurt my feelings" smh

basically every message I get from pissed off cis people to be honest.  

Anonymous asked:

I disagree and think its completely counterproductive to use the term "Cis". I'm sick of people giving everyone these silly names and titles. You are a person a human and nothing else. So what you are trans, gay, straight, black or white. It doesn't fucking matter. You are a PERSON and should not be defined by a title which provokes stereotypes. The transgender community and others would do well in learning this.

Having a word that means the opposite of trans is helpful as it allows for trans to not be the “other”.  If the word cisgender did not exist, what would we call cis people?  Not trans people?  So many consider cis to be the normal, that trans people are this weird minority.  Cisgender exists so that the default word for cis people is not “normal people”.  Trans people are normal too.  We are all people, yes, but telling trans people that we cannot have labels, while we as people have struggled to come to terms with the labels forced on us as children and the ones we chose ourselves, is harmful.  You cannot tell us we cannot be trans, we are transgender.  Labels can provoke stereotypes, but telling trans people they cannot label themselves as they have struggled with labels and identities for quite some time in most cases is damaging.  

cassiekatz asked:

I understand the purpose behind this blog but the title is problematic. I have read your explanations to other people who have brought up this issue and while you do make some valid points, the title is still wrong. Not all cis people have problems with or have offended trans-gendered people and so you shouldn't make such a large generalization. If one boy hurt me, I can't say that all boys are horrible. If one Asian person offended me, I can't say all Asian people are offensive.

Cis people as an oppressive force over trans people are a problem.  Cis people cause problems.  Not all cis people cause problems, but the system of oppression caused by cisgender people being in the majority is the problem.  You cannot say the title of this blog is wrong, and by directing these posts towards cis people it is not saying that each and every cis person is a problematic human being it is saying that the culture of oppression of trans people is perpetrated by cis people, and I’m here to give trans people a place to vent their frustrations.  If after all this you still do not understand why the title of this blog is “Dear Cis People” then I honestly do not know what to tell you.  If there ever comes a day where cis people face the same oppression because of their gender that trans people do on a daily basis come talk to me but until then pointing out your annoyance with this blog’s title does nothing but show the continued ignorance we as trans people face.